If you landed on this site, you’re probably sick and tired of not being able to enjoy your pool in the cooler transitional seasons such as fall and spring and fortunately we’re here to help you find the best pool heating system to help you enjoy your pool in the cooler seasons. This site is dedicated to reviewing and showcasing the very best pool heating systems on the market today.

There are various types of pool heating systems to choose from. There are gas heaters, heat pumps, electric resistance heaters and solar pool heaters to choose from. With the wide selection, it might become overwhelming for you to choose the right solar pool heating system for your needs. However, we’re here to provide you with an indept guide on multiple pool heaters to help you find the best pool heater that suits your needs. We’re dedicated to keeping up to date with the market to provide you with the best pool heater reviews on the web.

The 10 Best Pool Heater Systems

1. Hayward H400FDN Pool Heater (Natural Gas Heater)



This product reflects the quality of the craftsmanship from Hayward. Hayward has introduced a method to limit the hydraulic’s energy consumption. So this 400,000 BTU pool heater has the capability to heat an 800 gallon pool by about 30 degrees in less than an hour! It’s definitely a great option to get your pool heated up a quick as possible.

hayward-h400fdn-reviewsProduct Details/Specifications

  • One-year warranty
  • 400K BTU natural gas heater
  • Dual Thermostat
  • LED digital display and control panel
  • Electronic ignition
  • Polymer header for improved hydraulic performance
  • Forced draft system to limit the effect of the outside weather variables on performance.
  • Cupro Nickel Heat Exchangers
  • Meets NOx emission standards


  • It’s fairly efficient for a gas heater.
  • It can heat your pool fairly quickly.
  • The pricing is quite resonable.
  • The control panel is easy to use and features a LED screen.
  • It’s easy to install.


  • It’s not water proof.
  • Like most gas heaters, this one is loud.

Review Overview

This is perhaps the best pool heater on the market today. Hayward’s has truly been quite remarkable in making their hydraulic system very efficient. As a result, this is a pretty efficient heating system considering that it runs on natural gas.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable heating option for your pool that doesn’t damage your pocket too much, while also giving you the best bang for your buck, this is truly a system to consider. With it’s technology, it’s capable of heating pools as big as 80,000 gallons  overnight. It’s no wonder customers love this system so much.

2. Hayward H100ID1 Pool Heater (Natural Gas Heater)


If you have a smaller pool, you probably won’t need a pool heater  which produces 400,000 BTUs. This is where this heater comes into play. This is another great pool heating system built by Hayward which is capable of spewing out 100,000 BTUs. This product is also quite affordable and has great features which make it an ideal product to heat your small pools or spas.

hayward-h100id1-reviewsProduct Details/Specifications

  • 100K BTU Natural Gas Heater
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Plug-in 120-volt electric cord to allow for easy installation
  • FireTile Combustion Chamber
  • Induced Draft Technology


  • Quite efficient on energy
  • Induced Draft Technology which allows for optimal heating in pretty much any type of weather scenarios.
  • Not too expensive
  • Has the ability to heat up pools fairly quickly.


  • No LED Control Panel
  • Not great for larger pools.
  • Not ideal for elevations of 2,000 ft above sea-level.

Review Overview

The Hayward H100ID1 makes it quite easy for any pool owner to operate. The electronic ignition makes it quite easy to start in any type of environment. The induced draft technology, along with the FireTile Combustion chamber helps to ensure maximum performance of this heating device. This also gives it the capability to heat up many smaller sized pools and spas within just a matter of minutes.

This product is also fairly inexpensive and works quite well in the cooler transitional seasons such as spring and fall. If you’re looking for an affordable heating solution to help you enjoy your spa in the cooler months, this is definitely the product for you.

3. Sta-Rite SR400NA Pool Heater (Natural Gas Pool Heater)


read-review-buttonAt a glance, the size of this pool heater might throw you off into thinking that it doesn’t produce a lot of heat. Well, the looks of this one are definitely deceiving. This pool heater is capable of punching out 400,000 BTUs. It’s non-metal casing doesn’t rust and makes it ideal for pretty much any type of weather conditions. This pool heater is also quite easy to operate and is one of best products on the market today.

sta-rite-sr400na-reviewsProduct Details/Specifications

  • 400K BTU Natural Gas Heater
  • Rust-proof housing.
  • 84% Efficiency rating.
  • Easy-to-use LED control panel
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Meets NOx emission standards


  • Top rated in it’s class for efficiency.
  • Very Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Very Small and Compact
  • Easy to use LED Control Panel


  • Can be a bit noisy
  • Customers have had issues with the packaging

Review Overview

The Sta-Rite SR400NA is a great pool heater which has a very compact design which make it easy for installation. The heater also has the capability to heat your pool in any type of weather conditions. It’s reliable design also makes is a great device that you can expect to keep for many years to come.

The Dura-Glass technology protects the exterior from harsh outdoor weather conditions. It also features a control panel which makes it fairly easy to control and monitor the temperature of your pool quickly. It’s also fairly eco-friendly and certified for having low NOx emissions. This is a great system to have regardless of your backyard pool needs.

There are many happy pool owners who have this product and it’s definitely a game changer for the market of pool heaters. If you’re looking for a high performing pool heater to last for years to come, this is definitely the product for you.

4. Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP (Propane Gas Pool Heater)


read-review-buttonThe Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP is a great propane pool heating system. It runs very efficiently while also providing remarkable performance. This product also features corrosion resistive polymer headers that limits overall wear and contributes to increasing it’s overall lifespan. It also features a design which allows it to be fairly resistive to wind.

jandy-legacy-lrz250epProduct Details/Specifications

  • 250K BTU Propane Gas Heater
  • LCD Display with backlight giving the user many features
  • Self-diagnostics feature for easy maintenance
  • Non-Corrosive Polymer Headers
  • Superior Wind Resistance
  • Ceramic Fiber Combustion Chamber
  • Electric Ignition


  • Energy Efficient
  • Control makes it fairly easy to operate
  • Reasonably Priced
  • AquaLink which allows for mobile operation


  • Slow Shipping. Ships in about 1 – 2 months.
  • Not weatherproof

Review Overview

The Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP is a great solar pool heater for pretty much any medium sized pool. Thanks to its ceramic fiber combustion chamber, this heat exchanger has the ability to limit the amount of wasted heat to the surrounding environment.  As a result, it’s able to provide high levels of performance quite efficiently. It also features a copper heat exchanger and Flo-Thru baffles which increases the rate of heat transfer and limits the amount of energy required to heat the pool.

Moreover, unlike many gas furnaces which require a pilot light to be manually ignited, this system has an electronic ignition which makes it much easier to have it started in any type of weather conditions.

The Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP also comes with a digital control panel, self-diagnostics and the ability to communicate with the AquaLink system which allows you to remotely control your pool on your smartphone.

If you’re someone who’s fairly tech savvy and wants something that’s fairly advanced technologically, this is definitely the product for you. This pool comes with a variety of techie features many other pool heating systems don’t have.

5. Hayward HP50TA (Heat Pump)


read-review-buttonThe Hayward HP50TA 50000 was a pool heating system which was designed for pools with capacities upto 13,000 gallons. This system features a titanium casing and an injection molded polypropylene exterior which allows it to hold up against corrosion. It’s also quite reliable and very efficient. This system also comes with an electronic control system which gives you the ability to set and maintain your pool at a desired temperature.

Product Details/Specifications

  • 50K BTU Heat Pump
  • 1.5 inch plumbing connections with easy wiring installations
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Electronic Temperature Control System with LEDs.
  • Ultra Gold corrosion-resistant evaporator coil
  • Fan Blade designed for low sound output.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and compact and easy to fit into small spaces
  • Resistant to corrosion and various weather scenarios
  • Pretty quiet
  • Electronic LED Temperature Control System
  • Environmentally and Very efficient


  • Doesn’t produce as much BTUs as it’s gas counterparts.
  • Fairly expensive for it’s BTU ratings

Review Overview

If you’re looking for a very efficient pool heating system that will pay for itself in the long run, this is probably the best option for you. Unlike gas and electric resistant heaters, heat pumps are quite efficient and have much lower energy costs in the long run.

The Hayward HP50TA is also quite durable for any type of weather or chemical environment. The titanium designed heat exchanger and polypropylene exterior casing makes it able to hold up against very moist environments which contain chlorine and even salt water.

The digital control system is also a great asset. The system enables you to set your desired temperature. The system will then turn on and off automatically as required to maintain the pool at a desired temperature.

If you’re looking for a durable pool heater that will last in the long run and provide you with energy savings along the way, the Hayward HP50TA is definitely the system for you. Although the price tag might be fairly steep for other types of pool heating systems with the same BTU output, it’s a good investment since the savings from this system will pay for it in the long run.

6. Hayward HP21104T (Heat Pump)


read-review-buttonThe Hayward HP21104T is another great product by Hayward. This heat pump is designed to operate at high efficiency in any type of condition. It features a titanium heat exchanger which contributes to it’s overall operational efficiency. It also comes with Hayward’s Quiet Technology which allows it to run very quietly. If you’re looking for a pool heater for your spa/hot tub, this is product you should definitely consider.

hayward-hp21104t-reviewsProduct Details/Specifications

  • 110K BTU Heat Pump
  • 1.5 inch plumbing connections with easy wiring installations
  • Dual Thermostat
  • Electronic Temperature Control System
  • Dimensions: 31-1/4”diameter x 40”H
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Gold plated evaporator coils to limit corrosion


  • Easy to install
  • Resistant to corrosion and various weather scenarios
  • Runs very quitely
  • Easy to use Control panel with LEDs
  • Environmentally and Very efficient


  • Doesn’t produce as much BTUs as many other gas heaters
  • Quiet expensive for it’s BTU output

Review Overview

The Hayward HP21104T is a great heat pump to heat up your spa or hot tub for a nice relaxing evening in the backyard. It’s a very powerful heating solution, providing 110,000 BTUs of energy. Also, just like pretty much any other Hayward product, this is definitely built to last.

However, like many other heat pumps, one of the major disadvantages is that this product might not work very well in very warm climates since it temperature dependent. However, if you live in a mild climate and are looking for a solution that will save you a lot on your heating bill, this heat pump is highly recommended.

Although the the Hayward HP21104T has a high price tag, it’s still very efficient and has the ability to save you up to 80% of the energy costs in comparison with a gas pool heater. It’s also very quiet and ideal if you want to enjoy a some quiet, peaceful time in your spa or hot tub. It’s also built quite durably with a corrosion resistant evaporator, heavy duty compressors and rust resistant panels. This product is great if you’re looking for something that’s quiet, durable, and super efficient.

7. Hayward CSPAXI11 11-Kilowatt Heater (Propane Gas Pool Heater)

read-review-buttonThe Hayward CSPAXIII is compact in size but this doesn’t mean that it is limited in its capabilities! It provides much the same capabilities and impressive features that you would find in gas pool heaters that are twice its size. It is not only highly efficient but is on the inexpensive side compared to traditional propane and natural gas heaters. It is an efficient heater to own if you wish to heat up your spa or small above ground pool.

Product Details and Specificationshayward_cspaxi11_gas_pool_heater

  • Stainless steel tank
  • Stainless steel threaded headed
  • Safety sensor electric heating element
  • Heater on indicator light
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 10.5 x 8.5 in
  • 37,532 BTUs


  • Not on the expensive side compared to traditional propane and natural gas heaters
  • Compact in size
  • Very efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for spas and small above ground pools


  • Can only heat spas and small pools

Review Overview

The Hayward CSPAXI11 pool heater features a 304 stainless steel tank complete with powerful heating elements. This heater is well-built and easy to install. It is compact in size making it possible to hide behind most spa aprons.

However, the bottom line is that there is not much fault attached to the Hayward CSPAXI11 11-Kilowatt electric spa heater. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it is easy to install and use. In addition it is compact in size.

8. Pentair 460737 (Propane Gas Pool Heater)


read-review-buttonThis is another quite powerful pool heating system. This pool heater efficiently provides 400,000 BTUs of energy. When it comes to pool and spa heating, this product definitely sets the bar for efficiency among its other gas competitors. It’s also fairly quick, durable and built to withstand any type of weather conditions with its corrosion-proof exterior. If you’re looking for a fast, efficient and reliable solution to heat your pool or spa, then this is definitely a product you should consider.

pentair_460737_reviewsProduct Details/Specifications

  • 400K BTU Propane Gas Heater
  • Electronic ignition
  • Best Efficiency in it’s class
  • Small and compact design
  • Energy efficient
  • Copper-nickel heat exchange system
  • Certified for low NOx emissions
  • Fully pre-mixed air and gas system
  • Dimensions: 21”L x 21”W x 28”H


  • Best Efficiency in it’s class
  • Certified for low NOx emissions
  • Corrosion resistant exterior
  • User-friendly control panel with a rotating display
  • Compatible with Easy Touch for optimal control of your pool.


  • The design isn’t the greatest and appears to be a bit utilitarian and boxy.

Review Overview

If you’re looking for a powerful and efficient pool heater for your pool this is definitely a product to consider. It has best-in-class efficiency thanks to it’s nickel-copper heat exchanger. It is also quite easy to use. It features a rotating display and electronic ignition which makes it easier to operate and control. Moreover, the control panel is also quite straight forward and easy to use.

The heating system also has preventative measures in place to prevent against overheating. It features a high limit switch, water pressure switch, and stack flue sensor to ensure that the system never overheats in contrast with many of its competitors.

If you’ve been left out in the cold and need something to keep your pool warm, this is a great pool heater. It has the ability to heat up pools with as much as 45,000 gallons with ease. This makes it a great solution for many pool owners looking to enjoy their pools in the cooler months.

9. Hayward H150FDP (Propane Gas Pool Heater)


read-review-buttonThis is one of the leading pool heaters in the industry and it’s very ideal if you have a smaller pool or spa. This provides 150,000 BTUs of energy and has low output for NOx emissions. Moreover, it boasts many features which are included on some of the higher end heaters on the market. It’s also quite easy to use, reliable and undoubtedly one of the best gas heaters on the market today.

hayward_H150FDP_reviewsProduct Details/Specifications

  • 150K BTU Propane Gas Heater
  • Copper Nickel Heat Exchanger
  • Corrosion Resistant Housing
  • Water Velocity Management for Better Efficiency Heating
  • Low NOx Emissions
  • Dimension – 28 x 32 x 29 in.
  • Fire Tile technology to trap heat to increase overall efficiency
  • Easy to Use electric display
  • Silicon Nitride Ignition System


  • Quite efficient on energy
  • Efficient hydralic pumping system
  • Easy to use control panel with LED display
  • Corrosion resistant casing


  • The price is a bit higher than some of it’s counterparts.

Review Overview

If you’re looking for a pool heating system to warm a pool quickly without the high operating costs, then this is definitely a system to consider. The Hayward H150FDP has the capability to raise the temperature of an 800 gallon pool by 30 degrees in less than an hour. It also boasts a thermal efficiency rating of 83% which makes it one of the industry leading gas heaters. It’s hydraulic performance system and state-of-the-art Finn Plate heat exchanger coated with cupro nickel allow the system to last longer, and warm water quickly and efficiently. It also features a forced draft system to prevent outside weather conditions from affecting it’s overall performance.

Other features include it’s LED control panel which makes it easy to control and monitor it’s overall heating performance for your convenience and maximum comfort.

The Hayward HP150FTP is definitely a pool heating system to consider if you’re looking for something that’s reliable, easy to use and efficient. Not to mention, it’s among one of the best selling pool heating systems on Amazon today.

10. Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System for Above-Ground Pools (Solar Pool Heater)



Being in the industry ever since 1969, Fafco is also an industry leader in making pool solar panels. They’ve been in the industry of making solar water heating systems longer than everyone else and this product definitely shows their wealth of experience.

Without a doubt, this is the one of the best solar pool heaters on the market today and it’s quite ideal for the milder, cooler climates. It’s capable of keeping your pool at a moderately comfortable temperature all year around without any operational costs. It’s also a very affordable heating system.

fafco-solar-bear-solar-pool-heater-reviewsProduct Details/Specifications

  • Flexibile design which makes it easier to add more panels for larger pools.
  • 4 x 20 ft solar collectors
  • U.V. stabilized polyethylene coating which will last many seasons under direct sunlight
  • 10-year warranty


  • Absolutely no operating costs
  • No Emissions and very environmentally friendly
  • You can easily add more panels depending on your pool’s size.
  • Very inexpensive
  • Durable
  • 10-year warranty


  • Can take up a large surface area
  • No controls to set the temperature
  • The setup can be very time-consuming.
  • Limited operation to times of sunlight

Review Overview

If you’re looking for a green way to heat your pool, this is the best product. Fafco has been in the industry of making solar water heating systems for decades and this product definitely shows that they know what their doing. This product is built to last and it works very efficiently. It’s also very inexpensive and has no operating costs. This system is also pretty flexible which allows you to easily add additional panels depending on your heating desires and pool size.

If you’re looking for a cheap and greener alternative to heating your pool this season and don’t mind waiting longer than usual for your pool to heat up,  this product is definitely a winning investment for you.

11. Kokido Keops Solar Dome Heater (Solar Pool Heater)


read-review-buttonThis is one of the less conventional types of solar pool heaters and Kokido is the innovative company behind this one. The Kokido Keops Solar Dome is a dome shaped water heater with curling connector tubes inside. As the sun shines down on the dome, the heat is trapped inside and heats the water in the tubes. This is also among one of the cheaper solar pool heaters and customers love this product.

kokido-keops-solar-dome-reviewsProduct Details/Specifications

  • 1 Heater Recommened for 10,000 litres of water
  • Flexible design allows you to connect multiple heaters together
  • Compatible with 1 1/4-inch and 1 1/2-inch pool hoses.
  • Includes 4 ft hoses, fittings and stainless steel clamps.


  • Absolutely no operating costs
  • Extreamly affordable
  • Easily add more panels depending on your pool’s size.
  • Quite Affordable
  • Easy to setup
  • Extremely compact and very lightweight


  • Slower than gas and electric powered heaters
  • No controls to control the temperature
  • Limited operation to times of sunlight

Review Overview

Although this isn’t the best solar pool heater on the market today, it’s still one of the cheapest, compact, and easy to use solar pool heater. It’s unique dome design is capable of trapping heat and warming pools that contain as much as 10,000 liters of water. While we won’t recommend this for large in ground pools, this would be a pretty good energy saving solution for you’re small sized above ground pool. Also, for increased efficiency, it would be a great idea to add in a solar pool cover to speed up the entire heating process.

If you’re looking for the cheapest, and most efficient way to heat up your pool this summer, look to further. The Kokido Keops is definitely an innovative, compact, affordable and easy to use solution just for you.

How does a pool heater work?

solar_pool_heating_systemSwimming pool heaters work by cycling the pool’s water through a heater and then cycling it back into the pool. There are many methods for heating the water. The diagram on the right shows a diagram of a solar pool heating system. The water passes through a solar collector, which collects the suns energy to heat up the water inside.

However, there are multiple other ways for heat to be created. Pool heating systems are not only operated with solar power, but with gas or electricity.

Sizing a Pool Heater For Your Pool

Often times, the importance of sizing a pool heater for your pool is neglected by many other pool heating review sites online. However, without the proper size, you could be wasting a lot of money on a pool heating system that simply won’t heat your pool as desired. You can have the top pool heater in the world but if it was designed for a certain sized pool, it won’t work optimally with a different sized pool.

When searching for a pool heater, the ratings are generally in terms of BTU’s which stands for British Thermal Units. It is the amount of energy required to heat 1 pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. So larger sized pools will generally require a heater with a larger BTU rating. A higher BTU rating also means that it has the ability to heat your pool quicker.

The size, shape and climate of your pool will all affect the type of pool heating system you need. However, it’s not as difficult as you may think to calculate the ideal BTU rating for your pool’s ideal heater. All you’ll need to know is the pool’s surface area, and the temperature rise you desire.

Once you have the surface area and desired temperature rise, you can use the chart below you help you determine how many BTUs you’ll require.

BTUs Surface Area Gallons
100,000 – 200,000 300 Square Feet 1,000 – 10,000
200,000 – 300,000 500 Square Feet 10,000 – 20,000
300,000 – 400,000 800 Square Feet 20,000 – 30, 000
400,000 + Up to 1200 Square Feet 40,000 – 80,000

Types of Pool Heaters Available

Electric Resistance Heaters

Electric resistant heaters are generally ideal for smaller types of pools such hot tubs or portable spas. Electric resistant heaters tend to draw a lot of electricity so they’re far from ideal for larger sized pools. However, they’re a green way to heat your pool since they don’t give off harmful gases.


  • Electric resistant heaters are generally less expensive than other types of pool heaters. You’ll find most of them costing under $1,000.
  • They are cleaner for the environment. They don’t release any types of harmful gases or pollutants into the environment.
  • The surrounding air temperature doesn’t have an effect on it’s operability.


  • They draw a lot of current. As a result, you might require a new circuit breaker which allows you to draw a high amount of current. Otherwise, you’re breaker will continuously cut off the power.
  • The COP (coefficient of performance) rating is the ratio of heat supplied to energy consumed by the device. With electric resistant heaters, the rating is 1. This means that their very inefficient and quite costly to operate.

Gas Heaters

Gas pool heaters have always been the more traditional way of heating pool water. However, these types of systems run on natural gas or propane and with the rise of gas prices, the interest and popularity in these types of heaters has continuously declined. Many consumers are looking for more efficient and better ways to heat their pool rather than paying for high energy costs and polluting their local environment.

Although gas heaters are very expensive to operate, they can heat a pool to any temperature in any type of weather condition faster than any other type of pool heating system.


  • They’re fairly inexpensive just like electric heaters. You can also find many of these for less than $1,000.
  • The surrounding air temperature does not affect they’re efficiency and ability to operate.
  • Gas heaters provide heat quite quickly. They heat pools faster than other types of pool heaters.


  • They can be quite expensive to operate, especially with rising fuel costs. They can easily cost anywhere from $250 – $600 per month to operate.
  • Just like electric resistant heaters, they aren’t very efficient. They generally have a COP (coefficient of performance) rating of about 0.75 to 0.85.
  • They aren’t very environmentally friendly. They release carbon dioxide gases into the environment.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps operate on electricity and they can be thought of as ‘reversed air conditioners.’ The way they work is very similar to what is seen in the diagram below. Of all the pool heating systems, beside solar heaters, heat pumps are the most efficient.

In fact, heat pumps are the most favored pool heating system by pool owners because of their efficiency and ability to heat pretty much any size pool to any temperature without using much energy.

Heat Pump Diagram


  • They’re quite efficient and are quite inexpensive to operate. They generally don’t cost anymore than $50 – $150 per month to operate.
  • Just like an air conditioner, heat pumps are built quite durable. A heat pump can easily last as long as 25 years.
  • They are clean and don’t emit any types of harmful gases to the environment like their gas counterparts.
  • Although they’re quite expensive, the savings on operational costs pays for the heater itself.


  • Heat pumps can be quite expensive. They generally cost more than gas and electric resistance heaters. Many heat pumps are priced over $1,500 dollars.
  • Unfortunately, they are dependent on the air to operate.  If the air temperature outside is hotter than the pool’s temperature, the system won’t work very efficiently.
  • In comparison to their gas counterparts, they’re heating process can be fairly slow.

Solar Heaters

Solar pool heating systems use the suns energy to heat the water. The water is directed through a series of coils in the solar collector, which collects the suns heat and warms the water in the coils as shown in the diagram below. This type of heating system is very efficient and clean since it relies solely on the sun’s renewable and clean energy.

Solar Pool heaters are a great option if you live in a sunny climate. They generally last a very long time and the savings of using a solar pool heater definitely pay for themselves in the long run.

An added benefit for a solar pool heating system is that they generally come with a 10-year warranty. And because they don’t have any moving parts, they generally last very long (approx. 20+ years) and require very little maintenance. So there is very little risk when you make your long-term investment in this system.




  • They don’t require any operating costs.
  • They can last a very long time. They can easily last as long as 25 years.
  • They are the cleanest option to heat your pools water since they operate solely on the sun’s energy.


  • Solar pool heating systems can be quite costly. A really high quality system can cost you over $3,000.
  • They can’t operate at night time or on a very cloudy day. They can only operate when it’s bright and sunny outside.
  • They can be considered slow at heating water in comparison to other powered pool heating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get professional help to install a pool heater?

For most solar pool heaters, professional help from a local handyman will generally not be required unless you’re planning to mount it on your roof top. However, for all other types of heaters, it’s highly recommended to hire an experienced and licensed contractor to handle the gas and electrical connections for your heater. Most installations can be done within less than a day.

Can solar pool heaters also be used to heat the water inside the house?

Unfortunately, solar pool heaters cannot be connected to your indoor water supply. Many solar pool heaters are built specifically to handle large volumes of pool water and aren’t designed to handle the indoor water supply. However, there are solar water heaters on the market designed specifically to heat indoor water.

How much can I expect to spend on a good pool heater?

The price for pool heaters can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. As for a good heater, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $3,500 for the unit itself and few hundred dollars for the installation by a licensed professional.

Which pool heaters are the most energy efficient?

If you’re looking for the most energy efficient pool heating system, a solar pool heater would be ideal for you. However, many people prefer to have more control over the temperature of their pool’s water as well as the speed as which it heats up. In that case, a heat pump is the next best option. Heat pumps operate much more efficiently than gas and electric resistant pool heaters and they give you the flexibility to set the pool’s temperature to whatever you may desire.

Which pool heaters can heat my pool the fastest?

The fastest types of pool heaters are gas heaters. However, even though gas heaters have the ability to heat up your pool fairly quickly, their operating costs can run quite high.

What’s the best method to heat my pool?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best option to heat your pool. The best option for your situation would depend on your pool’s overall size and surface area, your climate, and specific needs and desires. By reading our comprehensive guide on pool heaters, we hope that you’ll be able to find the right one for you.

Should I get a pool cover?

Yes. A pool cover helps to prevent heat from escaping from the pool’s water. With a pool cover, you’ll end up saving a lot on your overall energy costs.

What to look for in a Pool Heater?

As you can see, there are many types of pool heating systems to choose from. Each with their unique range of pros and cons. But how exactly do you choose which system is right for you? There are a many factors to consider such as your overall budget, climate, and personal desires. Here’s a video below which will help you help you better with your purchasing decision.

Bottom Line

Owning a pool can add a lot to your overall lifestyle. They provide a nice place to relax, exercise and simply just enjoy the outdoors. But unfortunately, owning a pool can be a lot of work. There are a lot of things to consider.

One of these factors is maintaining your pool at a warmer temperature when it’s cooler outside. With a pool heating system, it allows you to extend your pool season by giving you more control over when you can enjoy your pool.

Choosing a pool heating system can be quite overwhelming. There are so many different types of pool heaters to choose from all with different specifications. From solar heaters, gas heaters, electric heaters and heat pumps, there are just so many choices. This is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision on your next investment.

Choosing the right pool heater can have a huge positive impact on your overall pool lifestyle and with the multiple pool heaters out there on the market, there is definitely one to suit your needs, budget and climate.

Whether you have a small or large pool, a small or large budget, or live in a tropical or mild climate, there is definitely a pool heater on the market for you. So choose one today and say good bye to those cold, uncomfortable evenings in your backyard. With the help of our buyer’s guide, we’re sure to direct you to a pool heater to suit your needs.

Lastly, one of the last things things which you should purchase when getting a pool heater is a thermal pool cover. A pool cover helps you save on the heating costs by limiting the amount of heat which escapes from the pool’s water. This is especially important if you’re using a gas or electric heater which already have high operating costs, or even a solar pool heater which may be slower when it comes to heating your pool.

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